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Hey there, BEsmart team is here!

Meetings can often feel pointless

to coworkers, and we've identified two main reasons for this: the monotonous format and the lack of follow-through leading to real change.

But fear not!

Today, we're excited to share a simple template that tackles the second problem head-on. Introducing the "After the Meeting Check" template. With this tool, you can solidify agreements reached during meetings and transform them from abstract concepts into actionable tasks.

Here's how it works.

The template comprises five columns:

What to do?

This is where you articulate your idea, solution, or proposed change.


Record the purpose of the task, its goals, and the problem it aims to solve. Clearly define what needs to be changed.

Action Plan

Collaborate with your team to develop a plan of action, outlining the steps required to accomplish the task.


Assign specific responsibilities to team members, ensuring everyone knows their role in executing the plan.


Discuss the workload and collectively determine a reasonable timeframe for completing the task.

Voilà! Now you not only have an idea but also a clear vision for executing it. The meeting has transformed into a catalyst for real change.

Best of luck on those meetings!


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Gregory Balon
Managing partner@BEsmart
I'm helping teams and individuals to strengthen their communication skills like public speaking, negotiation and argumentation skills not to let miscommunication stand in the way of great ideas
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