Two Truths and a Lie Retro



A fun take on everyone's least favorite icebreaker! Ask your team to think of two truths and one lie, related to the sprint just finishing. Private mode is a good feature to use here to avoid people looking too early and ruining the fun. Once everyone has submitted their answers, have the team vote for the lie in each card using the dots provided. Discuss the truths and take action based on conversations happening.

As always, a temp check and sprint goal review is included to help you track sentiment and goal achievements. This board also has a space for feedback on sprint ceremonies for your team to complete if needed.

✨ Facilitator Notes: remember to update your team names and sprint goal in the template ahead of your session. ✨

Used it? Loved it?

I'd love to hear your feedback on this template or any others I've published. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn below.

Happy Retro-ing!



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