London Underground



Get on track with this London Underground-inspired retro template and activity!

Did you know that the Central Line is the hottest line on the tube network, regularly reaching over 26 degrees? Or that it's also the busiest line, with the Northern Line coming in a close second!

Using this template will encourage your teams to think outside the lines and engage with thoughtful questions as well as two fun activities.

The activities in this sprint are to guess the trains used on each line and a guess the station quiz with emojis. Bonus points for anyone who can guess all 11 lines and colours without cheating too!

As always, there is also a temperature check in the Mind the Temp section! So get on board and enjoy this template!

Used it? Loved it?

I'd love to hear your feedback on this template or any others I've published. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn below.

Happy Retro-ing!



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