Tough Times Retro


Hi there, BEsmart team is on the line!

Many teams are going through tough times right now. Our world is unstable, people might be under pressure. And some of us might lose the sense of the comradery and bond with their team.

We are also going through countless changes: we change countries and cities, business models and plans constantly. But our team is what gives us power to keep going. And we sense it the most on our retrospectives.

Here is one of our Retros, which was made to remind us why we are working together

It's a simple hour session, where we areyou may share your best memories of working together, ideas of how to support each other and make sometimes funny but important little wishes in the end.

We hope that you will find this template helpful and your team will appreciate it with you.

Have a nice end to the sprint!


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Gregory Balon
Managing partner@BEsmart
I'm helping teams and individuals to strengthen their communication skills like public speaking, negotiation and argumentation skills not to let miscommunication stand in the way of great ideas
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