3 Steps Retrospective


Hi there, BEsmart team is here!

For those who want to introduce their team to a retrospective or just find a new way of facilitating them, we are uploading  simple templates which we have assembled and tested ourselves.

This is a simple, 3 steps, approx 1 hour retrospective that will help you to identify the overall vibe in the team, notice problems and tensions, if there are any, at the end of your sprint.

All steps are extensively described in the template, and here is an overview:

1 step

Quick icebreaker that inspiring the conversation. Use emojis to describe your state at the end of the sprint

2 step

Deeper dive into emotional state of the team. Visualization helps to see the big picture.

3 step

Focused on processes, not just emotions. Helps to drive structural feedback within the team. Also, may be used to actually extend your backlog

Have a nice retro and let us know if you'd like to add something to this template.


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Gregory Balon
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