Project Conception for DAOs


Guide your team to kick-start a self-driven project, align on roles and take ownership of the required tasks. Helps any team to get unstuck and excited about a collaborative project.

How it works

The workshop takes approximately two hours (including discussion) and the team will be guided through:

  • A „how might we“ exercise

  • Brainstorming solutions

  • Effort/Impact

  • Defining roles, tasks, the cost of work, duration and assignees of the tasks.

Who this is for

The workshop is ideal for decentralised organisations (DAOs) and autonomous teams to get started on a new collaborative project.

How to facilitate it

You can find a full walkthrough for how to facilitate this exercise in the public documentation of Deep Work.


Andrej Berlin image
Andrej Berlin
Co-Founder, COO, Creative Director@Deep Work
Andrej Berlin is the co-founder and creator of the web3 native design studio Deep Work. He has been involved in the design of over 100 different products, services, and organizations. Ranging from open source teams, start-ups, enterprises and fortune 500 companies.
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