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How to use the template

This template it’s useful for teams, and organizations (private and public) to innovate services, relations of the team members or with clients and to imagine new projects. It’s inspired by the EASW method (European Awareness Scenario Workshop), developed by the European Commission's Innovation Programme in 1994 as a way of promoting awareness and planning for sustainability in the urban environment. I suggest max 20 participants with one facilitator.

Description “frame to frame”

1st frame: a warm-up on the opening just to understand the mood of the participants. You can arrange another one at the end to understand something it’s changed the mood after the workshop.

2nd frame: describe the scenario and explain that it’s important to be very negative and very positive, don’t stay in the grey zone. Choose the four categories more representative of your situation.

3rd and 4th frames: build the scenarios (negative and positive) and post as many sticky notes you want. What services, team members, projects and clients in the 2031? Each scenario need circa 30 minutes (10 minutes individual work; 20 minutes in plenary guided by the facilitator)

5th frame: (after a 10 minutes break ) ask participants What are the common themes? (15 minutes activity). So cluster common themes, describe the themes using the tables and, in the end, use the voting features to collect preferences (20 minutes activity).

Leave the dashboard open for comments for a week, so participants could complete filling the table.


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Facilitation and training
FORM_ATTIVA is a project which focuses on the theme of non-violent communication and teamwork through some of the most innovative techniques.

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