Anticipatory Design Toolkit


Untangling Alternatives is a design approach that uses speculation to create plausible scenarios. By doing so, you'll be able to untangle the future factors you want to chase to anticipate products and services of the future.

How does this toolkit work?

Starting from understanding the present Worries and Hopes, you will frame what the present is giving to us and emphasize what is happening around us as a whole.

You will then get enlisted to become a future traveler and explore more than one future simultaneously by using our anticipatory canvases. Then, after a clear idea of where you want to go, you will frame that future vision from technological, societal, political, and economic perspectives.

As a future traveler, you will acquire information or, as we call them, "future factors" that you will bring back in the present and help you build your preferable future. It is not a matter of creating products and services yet, but instead, understanding the better context we want to make them.

When to use our Speculative Design toolkit?

It is relevant to keep in mind that this kind of activity fits especially in three central moments.


When it is time to analyze in which direction a particular industry is going and the implications on our society.

Starting a new project

When it is time to start new business lines, you need a future-proof vision related to social behavior.

Validating your product or service

Use it when you need to validate the impact of products and services on future society.

Keep in mind

While future traveling, you should try to immerse yourself in the scenarios you will invent. Sniff the smells, listen to new sounds and explore every detail to understand what could happen tomorrow to all of us. We also created a series of videos that you will find in the Miro canvases to help you do that.

Enjoy the ride!


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