Planning Workshop Toolkit


This is to provide a workshop toolkit in alignment with the Miroverse & Pip Decks challenge of 2022. In it are some of the Pip Deck strategies I've come to use often in planning new projects - both at my day job & with my business.

This workshop template is for anyone looking to outline a project before diving head-first. Instructions for use are in the navigation frame linked to a Post-It. It includes:

  1. A navigation frame to easily move between sections

  2. Sticky notes to help you move between frames

  3. Multiple Pip Decks strategies used in workshops like ...

  • Sailboat & Newspaper Headline to get clear on your ask

  • OKRs

  • Sticky Steps

  • How Might We + a Mind Map

  • G.R.O.W. that moves to Crazy 8s then priority & impact effort maps

I hope you enjoy this template! It has made things more clear for me as well as prepared the way for better planning in the future.

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Kassandra Keeton
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I am passionate about empowering others for greater success by breaking tech stuff down into easy to understand, byte-sized pieces. I am a software engineer turned digital marketer. I love creating things from nothing that benefit others.
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