Planet Centred Persona


A tool to help you design with the planet in mind! 🌎

This toolkit was created in 2022 when we started a journey to change our mindsets and approach to designing products and services so that we can help companies generate fewer carbon emissions and have a lower impact on the planet, whilst still providing a great experience.

There are an array of tools that are used to help us bake sustainability into our practice - and we decided to try them out during our team meetings. We started by looking at the Planet Persona created by the team from Smaply and created this toolkit based on our learnings.


Mariana Pedrosa image
Mariana Pedrosa
Principal Service Designer@Kin and Carta
Mariana is the Principal Service Designer at Kin and Carta. With 7+ years of experience in Service Design, Mariana has helped clients to understand how customers engage and interact with their products and service, in order to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. Since 2014 Mariana has been passionate about the topic of circular economy, and ever since have been trying to advocate for sustainable design practices and to influence organisations to be more responsible.
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