Research & Design

PiX Collab

PiX is a visual language specially crafted to define and model user experience within digital services. We need a design deliverable that can encapsulate the flow of interaction, the quality of the experience we're proposing to the user, to our team members and to the business.

How it works:

The score is divided into three layers:

  1. The user layer: This layer depicts the person's intent and goals through the development of his/her mental model of the task at hand. It also shows the (expected) emotions involved in the overall experience.

  2. The dialog layer: This is the interface dialogue layer that represents the concrete actions happening on the interface: gestures, messages, actions; all direct manipulation of elements and constructs happening onstage.

  3. The system layer: This is the layer which shows what happens under the hood, what enables the service performance; all supporting actions and processes delivered to the person.


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