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Share your story visually - discover connections

A lot of the time, we work next to each other but don't really know each other. Learning a bit about someone's life history and even private life can go a long way in creating empathy. Personal Maps branch off from the tradition of Mind Maps to tell your own story.

They can be used in any context where people want to get to know each other. Examples are team buildings, project kick-offs, or new team members introducing themselves to their new colleagues.

How does it work?

Create your own Personal Map instead of boringly introducing the same old facts about yourself.

  • Put your name into the middle.

  • Add categories such as Education, Friends, Family, Hobbies, and Goals. Anything you find interesting to share about yourself goes.

  • Add facts and highlights for each of these categories. Use connectors as needed. Feel free to add emojis, pictures, or even draw whatever you find suitable.

When everyone has prepared their Personal Map, it's time to introduce them. Explain what you highlighted as essential areas of your life and yourself in not more than one minute. Then open the round for questions on the person.

To round up the session, include this final step:

While communicating, as participants notice things they had in common with others, ask them to add the connection as a post-it note on the "Discover connections". A shared interest or quality is a great asset in team building.


More about Personal Maps here


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