Community Literary Therapy Wall


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This Digital Community Literary Therapy Wall by creative wellness agency GetSomeJoy offers space to center mental and emotional wellness and inspire connection with group reflections and storytelling.

It is a digital version of GetSomeJoy's traveling Community Literary Therapy Wall, a public installation inspired by our virtual Literary Therapy Writing Program.

Use this board during meeting meetings, check-ins, workshops, or as writing prompts for deeper exploration with work, school, and community groups.

With this board, groups can reflect, write, and share on

  • what they're doing to get some joy

  • joy's meanings and sensory experiences,

  • food-based memories and traditions,

and crowdsource tools + strategies for coping, thriving, and finding joy.

Team GetSomeJoy


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Team GetSomeJoy
GetSomeJoy is a creative wellness agency that supports communities and organizations with joy-infused experiences, resources, and trainings. We collaborate with groups on Literary Therapy writing programs, Mental Health First Aid trainings, virtual cook-alongs, and public installations that spark reflection, connection, and creativity.
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