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This template is a

Ready to use template for a class / online session where you can set up your own elements / texts / elements - but it has also a lot of elements inside that offers you the option to use varied tuition. For this I used different parts / options that are available in miro:

  • This template was created for classes with 3 groups / tasks

  • They are starting together as one group

  • Going into their breakouts

  • Inluding the use of the timer

  • Each group has got their own task

  • Two example sites (a table and a PDF-Site) for each group are included

  • One site for each group to work and to show their results is also on board

  • After they’ve finished working they’re coming together in the main group and then they’re presenting their results

  • The whole board contains already created links for each group and section that’s inside

  • An explanation is inside how to edit the links

  • Also voting after the groups have presented their result is included

  • A Homework-Section is included (Visual-Notes is used) and explained with a How-To-Video

  • Also included an example of an integrated external service and you see how to embed this into your Miro board via iframe

  • Bonus-Content is also inside for each group the same

So with this board you'll get the all in one solution to start directly with your class in an online-session. You'll only have to implement your tasks into already designed frames.


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Michael Landers
Socialworker / Jobcoach / Miro Seminars
Over two decades I'm active in the field of internetbased consulting.

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