Problembaskets and the First Solution


If you're a coach or consultant you maybe have got clients that have a bunch of problems and they do not know what problem is the most important and which one they should work on first.

In this case the "Problembasket Method" is very useful.

  1. First ask your client about all problems he's got

  2. Write every problem on sticky notes above the baskets and give the Sticky note (Whats first ...) a name (Example 1)

  3. Rename the baskets with a categorisation that helps your client f.e.

    1. "Worst problem"

    2. "Normal problem"

    3. "Has got time to handle" (Example 2)

  4. Ask the client either to drag the sticky notes into the baskets himself or do it for him (Example 3)

  5. Ask the client which of the "Worst problems" he likes to handle in the coming week and what he would like to do as the smallest step to take and set an exact date for a next meeting where you talk about the steps that he has taken (Example 4)


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