Problem Statement Workshop


The purpose of this 90-100 minutes workshop template is to define the target customer/audience, help the decision-makers align, and focus your Design sprint on a clear problem.

When to use the mini Problem Statement Workshop template?

Run this workshop with a team of 7 key-stakeholders & decision-makers who have the power to kill the project or move it forward before engaging in a Design Sprint or any other problem-solving process.

This workshop's outcomes will help the team get a mutual understanding of the problem, build empathy with the end-user, share insights, and make better decisions.

How does it work?

This template will help you develop a concrete problem statement by following the sequence of activities listed below:

  1. Identify the target customer.

  2. Define the problem from the customer's perspective.

  3. Understand when and where the problem is occurring.

  4. Discover the customer benefit and the value for the business


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