OKR Brainstorming for Initiatives/Experiments


Have a lot of ideas within your team but are unsure of where to start? This board is specifically for idea generation and populating a backlog—featuring your fav Pokémon from the 90s. 💡

We're a Growth/Product team working on driving user acquisition, activation, and retention for 50+ million users—and we get together at the end of every quarter to this board to prepare for the incoming one.

This board will help you to:

☑️ Gather data around an O its KRs.

☑️ Generate ideas to support your goals.

☑️ Formulate ideas to start populating your product backlog with tangible and impactful experiments to AB test.

Instructions are included in the left-side panel, but essentially—there are three parts to the brainstorming: the preparation, an async run-through, and the actual in-person/video call.

The preparation:

  • The facilitator should fill out sections 1, 2, and 3.

  • 1 is the new O and KR(s) for the upcoming quarter.

  • 2 should cover all relevant data for your team to uncover insights about your platform, users, and growth areas.

  • 3 contains HMWs (how-might-wes) that will help you break down and reach your OKRs.

  • HMWs can be an exercise in itself (but we sometimes reuse them from previous quarters as we've done so many).

The async session:

  • Get everyone on the team to visit your board and review the OKR, relevant data, and HMWs.

  • Get them to add as many inspirations as possible (from the Internet, previous experiences, etc.) relevant to potential initiatives that can contribute to your OKRs.

The actual brainstorming meeting:

  • Inspirations board: Group the inspirations by topic (e.g., acquisition, onboarding, retention, churn reduction, resurrections, etc.)

  • Quickly go to the ones that stand out.

  • Crazy 8s: This is a popular exercise to buzz your brain quickly and develop new ideas in less than 20 minutes.

  • Get everyone to get a pen and piece of paper. Fold the paper in half 3 times.

  • Open it back up, and you should have a sheet of 8 rectangular sections.

  • Set a timer to 1 min, and get everyone to doodle an idea (what they envision it to look like in the product; it can also be an email, push notification, anything!). Repeat 8 times.

  • Voting: Everyone gets 3 votes. Move your top 3–4 ideas to the next section.

  • Experiment planning: Move the top 4 ideas to section 6.

  • Go through the different criteria: This exercise helps new team members to familiarize themselves with your experiment planning process—something that we go through at the beginning of every initiative: From forming a hypothesis to calculating the duration of an AB test.

Have fun planning!


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