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Obeya Design: Strategy meets Execution

If you are looking for a way to connect and visualise Strategy to Execution and Problem Solving, the Obeya is for you.

The Obeya (Japanese for 'Big Room') model is an inclusive organizational model

The Obeya approach builds alignment and ownership across diverse groups of stakeholders to solve complex problems, drive cultural change and get work done. It is not just a facilitation style – it is a way of working, thinking, designing solutions and fostering innovation. It requires a position of overview and therefore thrives on good visual management techniques.

In short: Obeya is a method where multiple information sources are combined for optimal decision making by multiple parties simultaneously.

It demands both:

  • overview & alignment as well as

  • detail & participation.

This makes the Obeya methodology an excellent governing model for organizations that work Lean/Agile.

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