New Year's Team Workshop


This New Year's Team Workshop is thoughtfully designed to enhance team spirit and encourage collaboration at the beginning of the new year. It features an engaging and interactive team-building activity aimed at strengthening team bonds and understanding.

Additionally, the workshop focuses on aligning the team with shared goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. This session offers an innovative approach for teams to connect, plan, and establish a cohesive direction, ensuring a productive and unified start to the new year.

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Bao Nguyen
Freelance Product Manager & Agile Coach@Bao Nguyen
With 7 years of experience as an expert in digital innovation at leading German companies, expertise in user-centered processes and agile product development, and a lectureship in design thinking, I combine technical expertise in web and app development with passion and empathy. In teams, I create an atmosphere for the full development of individual potential. I am very enthusiastic about sharing my expertise as a freelancer and contributing to enrich your organization.
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