New Employee Onboarding For Product Teams


An indispensable template for remote-first companies used to onboard new product team members and make them feel included, informed and empowered from the first day they join your team.

Onboarding is not a one-person job, nor is it the sole responsibility of HR, which is why product leaders at d.labs designed this template that goes beyond basic job training and serves as a virtual orientation experience to get new hires off to the right start. The template includes all the steps involved in the onboarding to give the person a feel of the upcoming week, but also serves as a central location with all the relevant information, documentation and first tasks, required to navigate through the week.

Try out the New Employee Onboarding For Product Teams Miro board with a filled-out example. Simply copy it for your team, or get inspired and customise it with your own building blocks.


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