Remote Team Onboarding


This board helps you onboard remote team mates the right way. Before you get into the nitty gritty of your project, use the exercises on this board to get to know who you're working with — introduce yourselves to them and set your team up to collaborate with the right spirit. Every remote team-mate is more than just an email ID or an avatar. Use this board to help your team connect to the real people behind the keyboards (and the mics and the webcams!).

Who is this for?

Any team that is collaborating remotely, or even teams with members who are new to working together.

When to use this?

Ideally at the beginning of a project — this is set up to be the very first exercise you do as a team when you start a project.

Some guidelines

  • Have one person lead this exercise — this board needs a little bit of setup (instructions in the MIRO board) before your team can use it.

  • Give everyone time to talk

  • Leave any inside jokes out for this one — let others feel welcome

  • Have fun with it — but be mindful and respectful that others may have.

So how do I run this?

When you view the Miro board, you should see all the instructions you need to set up the boards marked as "Facilitator Notes" in red with yellow background. Follow these and once done, delete these.

Also: Locking the things that you don't want to be moved around is a great way to make sure things stay in place!


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