Momentum Sprint


Welcome to Momentum Sprint, a workshop to get your team aligned and focused on your impact and sustainability goals...until they are actually met!

When to use Momentum Sprint?

  • when you want to (re)descover the purpose of your organisation;

  • when you want to bring sustainability at the core of the business;

  • when you want to challenge the 'business as usual' way of operating;

  • when you want to see long lasting changes in your organisation;

How does it work?

Momentum Sprint offers a comprehensive set of 10 workshop activities that will bring you through a journey that starts with (re)defining your Vision and Mission ends with a clear Action Plan towards impact.

A Momentum Sprint session lasts about a full day, but you will find that activity on the Miro board is guided by a virtual facilitator. Therefore, you can take your time and go through the process at your own tempo.

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