Miro Onboarding


This board allows you to onboard clients or team members that are new to Miro with ease. Whether is it a virtual workshop or design sprint, you can use this board to get your team or client up to speed in just 30 mins!

Who is this for?

  • Any team or client that is collaborating remotely, or even teams with members who are new to working together.

When to use this?

  • Ideally prior to the start of a project or workshop — this is to ensure that the team is familiar and comfortable with Miro before starting any virtual workshop.

Some guidelines:

  • Have someone from your team who is familiar with Miro to lead this exercise.

  • Lock the objects that you don't want to be moved to make sure things stay in place.

  • Don't rush, allow the participants to ask questions if any.

How to run this?

  1. Share your screen and give the participants an introduction to what Miro is.

  2. Allow them to watch the 3 tutorial videos embedded in the board. That will give them an understanding of the basics of navigating around Miro.

  3. Introduce the basic objects that one can create.

  4. Introduce the interface of Miro — the tools and functions.

  5. Give the link to the Miro board to your participants and allow them to get familiar with the navigation and tools such as creating a post-it.


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