Miro Basics: Guide for New Participants


Learning a new tool can be challenging, especially if you’re not confident with technology. This template combines a brief video tutorial from Miro Academy with an icebreaker featured in the tutorial itself. 

The video covers just the basics and is designed for participants who are new to Miro. They’ll learn how to:

  • Create a sticky note

  • Write text on a sticky note

  • Hit “tab” in text edit mode to create a new sticky

  • Hold shift key to select multiple objects with mouse

  • Add an image to the board

  • Connect the sticky to the image

  • Zoom in/out of the board; move left to right

Participants will then have an opportunity to practice the skills above by applying them to the icebreaker provided!

Watch a video


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Rachel Nagrecha
Customer Education Manager@Miro
Rachel leads content development for Miro Academy. She is passionate about inspiring, educating, and supporting learners everywhere.
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