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How to use the Welcome to Miro board

We use this for all new Miro users a week in advance of an event, then follow up with 3 day, 1 day, and 2 hour reminders.  The aim is to let people wander around and get comfortable with navigation and basic features at their own pace and to the level they desire.

During live onboarding we go over a few other features of Miro that are better with a group, such as “follow me” and hide cursors, as well as the frames and map features.

We have 2 versions:  one with the “do not unlock” instructions for participants on free teams and one without for guest editors on boards in a paid account who don’t even have the option to unlock.


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Kim Howe
Principal Facilitator & Designer@CoCreative Labs
At CoCreative Labs, we design and facilitate virtual and in-person meetings and events that help groups collaboratively and creatively build shared understanding, develop strategy and plan for action.
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