Method-Resonance Heuristics Ethics Tool


“Method Heuristics'' is an evaluation-based activity where practitioners will be provided with designed method heuristics tags to evaluate existing ethics-focused methods designed for design work.

According to the A.E.I.O.yoU model (part of the bigger toolkit), this activity seeks to evaluate ethics-focused supports at an artefact (A) level.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Method Heuristics provided to evaluate a method.

  • Select/ Identify an ethics focused method that you want to evaluate or currently using in your team. Here is a list of ethics focused methods.

  • Evaluate the method using this worksheet by:

    • Placing Intention Cards and matching them to the Design Phase (cards) the method can be used in.

    • Bookmarking on the method with Ecology Heuristic Tags and Artefact Heuristic Tags.

  • Reflect, tweak, and edit to identify how the method can be tweaked to be used in your ecological setup for ethical decision making.

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Shruthi Chivukula
Educator/ Researcher@Pratt Institute [School of Information]
I am an Assistant Professor at School of Information, Pratt Institute (Manhattan, New York). My interest lies in the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience Design, Ethics and Values, and critical qualitative research. My quirky side, I am a doodler who named her doodles "Shruudles", a Carnatic Classical Singer, a plant mom, a Formula1 follower who does not know how to drive, and a great cook (trust me!).
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