Human-Centred Design for L&D Challenges


Use this template to apply Human-centred Design for your L&D challenges. You will find a recipe with methods from the LUMA System of Innovation, which forms a toolset and shared language for innovation.


- use the example from the L&D Shakers session

- open the links to learn more about the Methods proposed

- experiment!


- consider this template set in stone - feel free to adapt the template to your needs.

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Adam & Larissa
Experience Designers & Facilitators @MakeTeamWork
Adam and Larissa are experts in research and cross-cultural team collaboration. Their passion for improving how teams work led them to found MakeTeamWork, a dynamic and innovative organisation that helps teams achieve their goals through effective collaboration and human-centred design. With a focus on hands-on, experiential learning, Adam and Larissa have developed a unique approach to team building that empowers leaders and teams to succeed.

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