Memories Scrapboard


A scrapbook is a book of blank pages for writing messages, sticking cuttings, drawings, or pictures in!

Since this is in Miro, it's called a scrapboard instead. But essentially, it is the same thing. Instead of writing your messages and sticking pictures in a book of blank pages, you'll put all of that in this Memories Scrapboard.

Let's say Jane's farewell is coming up soon, and you'd like to collect some nice messages and memories for Jane from the team. This board got you covered. Send out this Memories Scrapboard to the team and ask them to write their farewell messages for Jane. Also, encourage them to add some pictures they'd like to share to celebrate their time with Jane. Maybe even draw some cool pictures, too? This is a free-form board, so feel free to get creative!


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Clyde D'Souza
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Hi, I'm Clyde. I'm a software engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I write about various technologies, teach online classes, make videos, and I'm also the author of a children's bedtime storybook!
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