Meeting Feedback & ROTI


Why use this type of meeting feedback?

Getting feedback to a meeting is very important in order to improve collaboration and making sure you're talking with the right people about the right things.

The focus of this feedback tool is the usefulness of the meeting to a person, not the overall quality of the meeting itself.

Another useful advantage of this type of feedback is that it can be converted to a number and you can create KPIs based on that. Either use a -2/0/+2 range or simply use 1-5. This way the feedback becomes comparable between meetings. More dots on the right (or higher numbers) mean a more useful meeting for everyone, which will improve your meetings over time.

When to use this feedback template?

This meeting feedback template can be used after every type of meeting, no matter if it's long or short.

The detailed feedback part can be optional. You can ask people to explain the feedback or just collect it to take a look at it later, depending how much time you have left. Giving everyone a few sentences to explain the most important feedback will give you a quick overview what was most important to your participants.


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