ROTI Feedback tool


Why use ROTI?

  • To get feedback on your workshop or class in a objective manner

  • To get feedback in a visual manner

  • ROTI will often reveal feedback towards the person who is giving the feedback.

  • Feedback becomes ""comparable"" so you can see patterns of declining / increasing.

What is ROTI?

  • It is a simple, fast and visual way of collecting feedback.

  • It helps you ask for feedback in a very neutral way.

  • ROTI stands for Return Of Time Invested.

  • You ask people to rate if the time they invested in the session was worth it to them. This way your performance of delivering it is not the only focus. Sometimes people will say it was well delivered but they where so unfocused it didn't give the value it could have.

  • ROTI will give you valuable insights on how to improve! And it usually only takes a minute or two.

PS. You can find many articles about ROTI. Explore by Googling it

When to use ROTI?

I use ROTI after almost every session I have with people.

  • After a class

  • After a workshop

  • After a meeting

  • After a conference

  • After a...

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