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R.O.T.I - Return On Time Invested

This acronym allows each participant to ask themselves the usefulness of the time spent during the workshop, training, meeting, or any event that has just ended.

It is not a question of noting the quality of the event, nor that of the animation, but just the personal value that each one has derived from it.

In the presentation, those present are asked to worm their hand and display their note with their fingers. On Miro, we do it on this board:

  1. The moderator explains the principle and what each note says. There is no 0 because if the event brings absolutely nothing, the person should have left.

  2. Each participant creates a post-it and places it in the column that corresponds to his ROTI.

  3. Participants are asked to indicate on their post-it the reason for their rating. As the note is personal, the comment can be too. For example, a meeting may have been perfect and a person may have given a ROTI of 1 with a note saying "I learned this morning that someone in my family was seriously ill and I kept thinking about it, so I didn't listen to anything during that meeting".

  4. Participants can share their post-it orally, by reading or commenting on them.

  5. There is no answer on a ROTI: it is not a question of opening discussions, but just of allowing everyone to focus on their own feelings before leaving each other - and to share with others if one wishes.

Why do a ROTI?

Time is the most precious thing. He's unstoppable. As we place great importance on everyone's time, the ROTI invites each person to focus their own use of his time. The ROTI gives the opportunity, at the end of an event, to ask the question "what did I personally learn from it?". By taking this time, the person will replay the "film" of the event and anchor what he has derived from it. By sharing it with others, it will strengthen this anchorage and eventually help others to do the same.

If the event has not been well experienced, the ROTI allows to externalize the discomfort felt, which can help to decrease it and leave less dissatisfied.

Do not hesitate to ask participants to do a ROTI. For participants, it is a moment of anchoring or sharing; for the organizers, the comments are always informative, whether positive or negative.


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