Make Meetings Matter


As founders of Getting Digital Done, we love to help businesses work smarter. With the shift to remote and hybrid work, many employees find themselves overwhelmed by back-to-back meetings, impacting their ability to focus on actual tasks and deliver results.

The time has come to put MEANING back into MEETINGS & turn chaos into calm...

When better (and less) meetings unfold in the workplace, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Better employee experiences

  • Better decision making

  • Better productivity (getting work done)

We created this template for meeting facilitators to outline the meeting purpose & key messages to land with the audience. This template also provides a section where you need to motivate why it needs to be a meeting in the first place. We've included a place for you to outline meeting exercises to keep your audience engaged.

It's possible nowadays to keep meetings short and have meeting action items unfold before or after at a time convenient for meeting participants. This concept of a mix of a virtual meeting and behind the scenes work creates space for better workflow & healthier and happier work environments.

Let's make meetings matter again!

Yours in collaboration,

Alice Jakins


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Alice Jakins
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I guide project owners to transform their teams’ with fresh ways-of-working that drive productivity & create more happiness.

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