Lightning Problem Framing


Lightning Problem Framing via Abstraction Laddering

Problem Framing is a discovery method that empowers teams to understand and align on customer-centered problems they're attempting to solve.

When to use Abstraction Laddering to perform Problem Framing

Abstraction Laddering is a rapid format of Problem Framing. It helps the team quickly clarify and reframe a problem they're tackling.

Often times, teams will start working on a problem that's not understood by all, or is biased with a solution in mind. By asking why (abstracting up) you come to understand the importance of solving the problem. At this level of abstraction, you can now ask how you might solve it (abstracting down). This often leads to new and novel solutions.

Who should use this template

This template and activity is best suited for teams of 2-10 that are working on solving complex business challenges that require new, innovative solutions.

What's inside

  • An introduction to Problem Framing (+additional resources)

  • An overview to help you prepare for the activity

  • More details on what Abstraction Laddering looks like

  • A completed instructional example so you can see Abstraction Laddering in action

  • A blank section for your team to complete the activity

  • Options for additional help & advice by the New Haircut team

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