SDG Impact Jam


Accelerate your positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDG Impact Jam is an 1,5 hour workshop for 5-10 people. Together you will go through six steps:

  1. Select the SDG you can help accelerate with your company

  2. Discover how you can help and what is holding you back

  3. Define what is the biggest bottleneck to make impact

  4. Ideate solutions for solving the bottleneck

  5. Decide what solution works based on the impact/ effort matrix

  6. Execute by determining ownership and first steps to take


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Facilitators of Change
Together we accelerate sustainability. 💚 Our workshops & co-creation programs ignite ownership and collaboration across large teams. We specialise in online & hybrid sessions using Miro with large groups of people; from 100 to 10.000 people. The main topics we work on are business sustainability, strategy and employee engagement at scale.
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