Kotter's 8 Steps Change Model


Design a change journey that doesn't fail using Kotter's 8 Steps for change.

John Kotter is a leadership and change management professor at Harvard Business School. He laid out eight key steps of the change management process:

  1. Create a sense of urgency

  2. Building a guiding coalition

  3. Form a strategic vision

  4. Enlist a volunteer army

  5. Enable action by removing barriers

  6. Generate short term wins

  7. Sustain acceleration

  8. Institute change

Use this template to design your change journey.

Bonus: Kotter's 8 Steps is one of five widely adapted change models. Included in this Miroverse template is an overview of the key steps in the other change models as Lewin, McKinsey 7 Steps, Nudge Theory and Adkar.

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