K12 Digital Capability Framework


This template has been developed to offer an editable, interactive version of the open-source K12 Digital Capability Framework that can be used by individuals and groups in workshops and meetings.

You can add, remove and edit every block in the Framework, creating your own customized version for strategic planning, brainstorming, analysis sessions, and more! We look forward to hearing how you use it with your teams.

HolonIQ's Global K12 Digital Capability Framework is a learner-focused, practical, and flexible approach to mapping and measuring digital capability in K12 schools and systems. The 4 Dimensions, 16 Domains, and 70+ Capability Blocks consider how a digitally capable organization can support and enhance learning and student experience at each stage of the lifecycle, from supporting them through People & Systems (PS) to preparing them to be Life Ready (LR)

You can find more instructions for each frame in the template.

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