Empathic workshop - Experience mapping


This template serves as a tool for running an empathy workshop that will help you to identify their needs, and pinpoint them within the user journey in order to learn more about their experience.

  1. Define your person (5 mn) : Imagine and build your persona with some information :- Gender- Referents- Characteristics- Tasks and goals

  2. Empathy map (10 mn) : Put yourself into persona's shoes with an Empathy map :- What he/she see- What he/she hear- What he/she say and do- What he/she feel

  3. Problems/Needs (15 mn) : Define their problems and needs in order to find the best solutions :- Needs : his aspirations, motivations, satisfactions...- Issues : his obstacles, fears, frustrations...

  4. Experience map (15 mn) : Gather and organise their needs and problems in order to create an Experience Map.

  5. Pitch (5 mn per team) : Share your persona'e experience with the other teams !

  6. Enjoy !


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