InsideOut Retrospective



"Inside Out" Retrospective is the retrospective that focuses on the feelings that each team member has. All the feelings will be depicted on the inside-out character. The purpose of the “Inside Out” retrospective is to examine the feelings the team members have felt during the sprint, therefore they can have future action items in place to make it better.

How to Play :

Check In (7 min)

  • Describe your memories (Option 1)

In this step, participants are asked to describe their memories of the previous sprint, which can be using emojis, single words, drawing on a blank canvas, etc.

  • Choose Your Feelings (option 2)

In this step, participants are asked to describe their feelings about the previous sprint, participants only need to write their name on the inside out character.

Let's Make Memories Together! (<30 min)

  • Joy

What made you happy in the previous sprint? Express something that can motivate the team or express gratitude to someone on the team.

  • Sadness

Maybe our sprint went well, but was there something that made us sad in the previous sprint?

  • Fear

Is there anything you are afraid of in the future? Write down the things that scare you, either in the past, present or future.

  • Anger

Did anything upset you in the previous sprint? Write down the things that make you angry.

  • Disgust

Mention what you didn't like in the previous sprint? It could be a person, a process, a tool, or something else.

Save The Memories! (10 min)

  • Core Memory

Vote on each "feeling" that has been written down and choose the most voted feeling to be kept in the core memories.

  • Action Memory a.k.a Action Item

Discuss with the team to create action items from the core memory that can possibly be carried over or done in the next sprint (doesn't need to be too many or doesn't need to be a big action item).

Rate The Retrospective (3 min)

Each participant are asked to keep his or her name in the feelings that were available, to describe the assessment of retrospective

And lastly, enjoy!


thank you TARISYA


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