Impact Map


This is an Impact Map template.

The Impact Map is the visualization of the scope and assumptions of a product and its goal. It is created in collaboration with the product stakeholders (Product Owner, experts, etc.).

The Impact Map highlights the critical paths for reaching the objectives.

How to use the template?

Fill the Mind Map by using the different categories :

  1. Goals: The Product Vision and the Product Goal have previously allowed us to identify indicators that enable us to monitor the product's objectives. The Impact Map is used to define the target for these indicators.

  • Why are we doing this?

  • What are we trying to achieve?

  • What is the objective we aim to reach?

2. Actors

  • Who can influence our goal?

  • Who can help us reach our goal?

  • Who can be a blocking element?

  • Who will be impacted by the objective?

  • Who will use our product?

3. Impacts: It's not just about product usage but also about the changes that need to be made to achieve the goal.

  • How can the actors help in achieving the goal?

  • How can they prevent us from reaching them?

  • What impact can we have on the actors to achieve the objective?

4. Deliverables

  • What to do to have the expected impact?

  • What deliverables to create?

  • What features to develop?

  • What activities should be conducted?


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