Hybrid Workplace ReDesign


The Hybrid Workplace ReDesign workshop offers a comprehensive, 90 to 120 minute workshop template that guides teams in redefining how they collaborate in a hybrid work environment.

This workshop is designed to guide participants to change their perspectives on how they collaborate by guiding them into stepping out of their traditional way of thinking.

The workshop will guide the team through 3 key steps:

  • Understanding what activities require collaboration

  • What kind of collaboration is required

  • Rethinking how collaboration should happen in an hybrid workplace


Jerome Grondin image
Jerome Grondin
Design Lead@TALSOM
As a Lead Designer, I guide my clients in their transformation, whether digital or human (often both), using human-centered design methods that leverage collective intelligence. I found in Miro a precious ally to animate remote Design Sprint and Co-creation Workshops and got hooked on developing and sharing new templates for the community. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me on Linkedin, I'm always happy to exchange on the fascinating subject of design applied to organizations.
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