Hybrid Work Template Pack


This Template Pack is designed for leadership teams, team leads, People teams, and Workplace teams to help build a hybrid-friendly team culture and office experience. Whether your teams are partially remote or distributed across multiple countries or even a few offices, these templates will be helpful in your transition to hybrid work.

For more tips and best practices, check out Miro's Hybrid Collaboration Field Guide.

How to use this Template Pack

The templates included will walk your team through different exercises that will help individuals express their thoughts, hopes, and dreams about returning to an office in an effort to give everyone a voice and build an environment that represents your team members. The templates do not necessarily need to be used in a specific order, and you do not need to use all of them. It is up to you to choose those that will serve your needs for your unique situation.

What’s included in this Template Pack

In this pack, you will find two sets of templates to support both hybrid culture discussions within your team and hybrid spaces discussions across your organization. These resources will help you empower your team members to co-design an experience to build a strong organizational culture and workplace.

The way you define your team culture and create connections across all locations will be critical to your success. Use these templates to guide your team through a culture workshop or work on these exercises asynchronously.

Why these exercises are important

Returning to an office or hybrid work environment after years of having your entire team working remotely during a pandemic requires careful planning and sensitivity. It is more important than ever for teammates to feel engaged and as though their voices are heard so they can develop or re-ignite strong connections to the people they work with, the work they do, and the organization on the whole. The more connected and represented your team members feel, the better they can perform and the higher their job satisfaction will be. It’s time to co-design the office of the future with our most important assets: our people.

Special thanks to Vanessa Sequiera and Anya Dvornikova for their inspirational workshop designs.


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