Hack Day With Paw Patrol Canvas


Join us on a paw-some adventure with our Agile Hackathon template inspired by the values of Paw Patrol! Just like Ryder and his team, we're ready to work together, brainstorm creative solutions, support one another, and take responsibility for our mission.

In 'Ryder Needs Us,' we'll choose our mission topic. 'Design Solution' is where we pair up to bring our ideas to life, using Story Mapping to clarify and plan. Then, it's 'Free Hacking' to unleash our creativity, followed by 'Testing' to ensure our solutions are top-notch. Finally, 'Presentation' is where we showcase our incredible work.

Get ready to unleash your inner hero, because in our Agile Hackathon, there's no problem too big, and no idea too small. No job is too paw-some when we work together! 🐾🚀

This template is dedicated to my son Miquel! Love you little boy!


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Scrum Master@Ypsomed AG
I'm a guy from Barcelona living in Switzerland. I love creating new boards and using beautiful ones that I find in this community to engage my team to participate more and more.
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