This Miro template helps to identify if there are problems with regard to group thinking in your team.

Why should you talk about it with your team?

Group thinking might lead to (too much) conformity = less creativity, less diverse ideas, and fewer people heard.

When should you do such a session with your team?

Indicators could be (but also when you feel like there is too little discussion, exchange of ideas, too many are quiet (but you hear the opinions of the quiet ones later, and they differ):

  • a strong leader/personality ("alpha" wolf) in the group.

  • a strong team bonding --> and thinking differently than the group might endanger group feelings.

  • intensive pressure from outside the team (e.g., to come to a decision soon).

  • team works isolated.

Every team (no matter if software, agile or not)

  • See detailed instructions on the board.

  • In general, this board approach is not meant to elicit many or great action items. Instead, it is to raise awareness in your team that this might be a problem and that they sense "a groupthink" problem in the future (e.g., when they are in a decision-making process).


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