All Hands / Town Hall Presentation


This town hall/townhall meeting template can be used for anyone hosting a presentation or meeting.

It includes 3 sections:

  • Meeting template

  • Current meeting

  • Past meetings

There is also an optional frame for Traditional Land acknowledgment.

Some tips to get started:

  1. Replace the sticky note on the first frame with your company's logo.

  2. Use the timer for the icebreaker and any Q&A sections. For more engaging icebreakers, go here.

  3. It is recommended to lock objects, particularly, where engagement from an audience is required (e.g., icebreakers, feedback, and Q&As), just remember not to lock items that need to be moved (i.e, lock background objects, and don't lock stickies or voting icons that need to be moved by participants)

  4. Don't forget to update the Acknowledgement Of Country frame with your location - find out whose country you're on here.


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Talene Pittaway
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