Identify and Address Challenges Early On


Mosquito Swarm is a method for early detection of problems and challenges in project work.

The mosquito swarm metaphor represents the many small problems and challenges buzzing around invisibly. These need to be identified before they bite. A combination of brainwriting (silent brainstorming) and collaborative clustering is used to achieve this. This method not only promotes open and transparent communication within the project team, but also allows challenges to be addressed and identified early.

How to use

  1. The facilitator completes the question.

  2. All team members write down the challenges that could hinder the project. Use one post-it note per challenge. The time is limited to 5 minutes.

  3. Each participant presents the identified challenges to the other participants.

  4. The facilitator explains the three areas of the method canvas: "Catch" – act now, "Let it fly" – no need for action, and "Bury" – not relevant. The participants are now tasked with sorting the notes into the given categories. The facilitator guides the discussion and takes a neutral position. Thematically related issues are grouped into problem areas.

  5. Finally, the facilitator summarises the results. One person from the project team takes responsibility for each problem area and ensures that the challenge is addressed and not forgotten. The name of the responsible person is added to the problem area.


Remo Gerisch image
Remo Gerisch
I am a Senior UX Designer. I developed the Mosquito Swarm method as part of the CAS Design Methods at the ZHdK in Zurich.

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