Game Day Squares


Play Game Day Squares at your next watch party with your friends in person, or with loved ones scattered across time zones with this collaborative game board. This activity adds a dash of competition and thrill to your game day gathering!

How to play Game Day Squares

  1. Personalize the grid: Tailor the template to your liking by personalizing the grid. Fill in the opposing team names on the top and side bars, change colors, or include any thematic elements that resonate with your watch party's theme.

  2. Assign squares: Have everyone playing add their names to squares in the grid. You can divide them evenly (there are 100 total), or create a buy-in (ex. one square = $1), — each winner gets 25% of the pot.

  3. Randomly select 10 numbers, 0-9, and place them in the first column and row. You can draw the numbers from a bowl, use, or use the Totally Random app in the Miro toolbar.

  4. Identify the winners at the end of each quarter: Whoever's name is in the square with the last number in the score for each respective team, wins!

Game Day Squares can create unforgettable moments, friendly rivalry, and a touch of suspense! Bring your next watch party to the next level with our user-friendly template, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone involved. Go team, go!


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