Game Day Bingo


Up-level your watch party with Game Day Bingo — the perfect combination of football excitement and classic bingo fun! This themed grid makes every commercial, touchdown, and play a reason to celebrate. You can also make it your own! The template is fully customizable to create an engaging and interactive experience for fans of all ages.

How to play Game Day Bingo

  1. Use the game boards on the right to play Bingo during the Big Game, or personalize it by filling in new squares of your own. Add your name to claim a board (there are eight total), and swap boards with other players to play more games.

  2. Cover a square with a football token every time you see or do the action listed (copy/paste the emojis for more tokens).

  3. Call out bingo moments: Keep the excitement building by calling out the significant football moments on the bingo cards. Whether it's a completed row, column, or diagonal, our step-by-step instructions ensure a seamless process for announcing and celebrating bingo victories.

  4. The first person to cover five squares in a row (or diagonal) and calls ‘Bingo’ wins! You can also play until someone gets an "X" or "+", or until someone gets a blackout (covers every square).

Get ready to cheer, play, and celebrate each touchdown with this unique game-day bingo adventure! Enjoy!


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