From…To Exploration Canvas


This framework is adapted from 101 Design Methods by Vijay Kumar, who has taught us these methods directly. The From… To Exploration Framework is a useful tool for taking stock of key variables of a project topic that could be innovated and thinking through how they might change from what is now, to what might be. Great for early-stage opportunity identification.

Project topic > Key Aspects > Trend Data > From (what is now) > To (what might be)

By creating a list of key variables around a project theme that could be innovated, you can direct background research into relevant trend data, as well as towards an in-depth understanding of existing conventions. Depending on project needs, the framework could be implemented as a simple reflection exercise to a more comprehensive research deliverable.

With trend data and existing conventions in mind, teams can then imagine how the key aspects might play out in a more focused, and data-supported way.

The output can feed into decisions of which areas to pursue innovation and ideation sessions.


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