Six Change Plans


This set of templates provides you with a core set of tools to support your organizational change efforts. Whereas our Change Program Scoping Canvas helps you frame out your change journey, these six plans provide you with the tools to engage your stakeholders and successfully define and deliver your program roadmap.

In this Miro board you will find the six change plans, instructions in the notes pane as well as a video overview for each plan.

Overview of the Plans

The plans are positioned along two axes. The vertical axis extends from a strategic focus to one that is more tactical and day to day. The horizontal axis includes a focus on tasks, and the work to be done, on the one side with a focus on the people to be engaged on the other.

The plans on the left-hand column include the:

  • Transformation Roadmap

  • Sprint Plan

  • Team Kanban Board

The plans on the right-hand column include the:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Plan

  • Capability Development Plan

  • Team Temperature Check

Key reasons to use this canvas

We all need a starting point – These plans provide a program leader or change agent with a ready-to-deploy set of tools to set up the program. Of course, as with everything on a Miro board, it is infinitely customizable and scalable to meet your needs.

Change programs have to balance strategy and tactics – Teams leading organizational change need to focus simultaneously on time horizons that stretch over multiple years while also making sure they don’t lose sight of the tactical “here and now”. The plans in this Miro board provide teams with the tools to manage across those horizons. They also have to balance focusing on people with a focus on tasks – People are at the heart of change programs. A singular focus on tasks and deliverables will lose sight of the end-customers and the various stakeholders who are essential to making change successful and sustainable. These plans offer a means of ensuring a team is paying attention to both sides of the ledger.

Getting everyone on the same page(s) keeps the team aligned – The six plans in this board allow team members to link their work and interactions with the bigger picture for the change program. For example, because the strategic roadmap sits only a plan or two away from the day-to-day Kanban board, team members can see where their projects fit in to the overall program.

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