From Human to Life-Centered Design


Human-centered design has brought great innovation and progress in the field of design and to the world. Human-centered design has been considered the problem-solving methodology that designers need to adopt to address users' needs.

However, after decades of adoption of human-centered design, we realize that perhaps putting humans always at the center of our process may not be the way to solve wicked, ill-defined challenges, such as our changing climate, war, poverty, access to education... and more.

Life-centered design is an approach that takes the best from human-centered design and elevates it to include the perspective of human and non-human stakeholders, putting life as the utmost priority and the center of the process.

In this workshop, we propose 4 exercises for designers and decision-makers to shift mindset.

How do we invite non-human stakeholders to the decision-making table?

How do we listen to their voice, needs, and wants?

How do we find win-win solutions that put life first?

Follow the instructions on the canvases to enter this mindset and explore decision-making from a life-centered perspective.




A 4-exercise template to shift the mindset from human-centered to life-centered design

For who

For designers who want to become life-centered pioneers.

For management teams who want their organization to benefit everyone and the planet.

When to use it

When you're ready to get out of your comfort zone


With this board, you can work with one or more teams simultaneously. We recommend having specialized facilitators. Facilitators can follow Facilitator Notes on the board itself.


For maximum results, between 3 and 6 hours


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